Last few years I've been making a calendar composed of the best photos taken during previous year. This year I've added a planning section with animal holidays and furry themed month names.
It features:
13 gorgeous fursuit photos to brighten your year. You will look forward to every new months.
2 x A3 format that leaves a plenty of space for both the photo and your notes
all international animal days I could find, as well as few holidays like plushie lovers day or wolfenoot
The price:
In czechia (and only in czechia) base price 25€ + 4€ postage = 29 €, or contact me for price in crowns
Outside EURope (US, canada, Russia, Japan etc.) base price 25€ + 17€ postage = 42€ total
Inside EUrope (Germany, france, UK, denmark, romania etc.) base price 25€ + 13€ postage = 38€ total
If you aren't sure about price, need different address, want to buy multiple calendars and save on postage, want to pay as friends and family or just want to say hi, please contact me on telegram, twitter or facebook.
If you are sure about the total price, you can pay by paypal using the following button and I'll send the calendar to your paypal delivery address (don't use friends and family, I couldn't see the address). 
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