before you comission me and send the payment, please read these terms. i belive these are mostly common sense, but should create understanding about mutual rules and obligations.
i dedicate time for your time slot. if you don't arrive on time, i'll do my best to use the remaining time, but may deliver less photos than agreed. if you fail to show for your slot within 20 minutes from start, i'll cancel the slot and expect you to pay 50% of agreed price.
you know your fursuit and your skills best. If I ask you for a pose or action that might endager you or your fursuit, please inform me immediately. I'm not responsible for any damage suffered during photoshoot.
i'll deliver the photos within 14 days from photoshoot unless we've agreed otherwise. you will normally get them much sooner, but especially when i do several photoshoots at once, quality processing takes time.
unless we've agreed otherwise, you'll get 15 digital photos in resolution permitting large prints (usually 3600 x 2400px). I don't provide raw files or unprocessed photos and don't provide prints. You can either leave the selection on me, or I will send you my general selection (usually 15-30 photos) and you can pick from those. If you'd like more than 15 photos, I'll be happy to provide more, but will ask for 3€ per extra photo.
you grant me right to use your photos for all purposes. Including but not limited to self promotion (advertisement, social networks, patreon rewards etc.), comercial use (e.g. calendars, posters, cups, tshirts etc.) or sales at photobanks. If you don't agree, please inform me before photoshoot, we'll agree on limiting the usage.
Unless asked not to, I share the photos with my patrons and friends, often during editing already. If you have e.g. a secret suit that should absolutely not be leaked, inform me and I'll make sure not to share.
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